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Designing gardens for people & places

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There are few greater privileges than a beautiful garden to call your own. 


Not only is a garden a great place to socialise with family and friends, it also offers an escape from the stress of everyday life. Big or small, wild or well-maintained, a garden provides the ideal space to watch plants grow, wildlife flourish and seasons pass.


Your idea of the perfect garden is as unique as you are. My job is to help you decide exactly what you want from your space, determine how we can make it work and design a plan to bring it to life. You’ll also be offered expert advice on your garden’s environment: the soil conditions, what plants will thrive, what won’t, and what will benefit local biodiversity.


How we work together is up to you. I offer a bespoke experience for each customer, ranging from expert consultancy sessions to complete redesigns in collaboration with specialist professionals.


Alexandra Gray Garden Design works primarily in Wiltshire, Bath and the surrounding counties, although – for the right project – I am always prepared to travel further afield.

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