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Personal Haven

“Many compliments have been given when people see my garden. Alexandra was very clever to come up with the ‘railway sleepers’ idea – I cannot think how she could conceive anything when it was such a mess. Working out the levels must have been a nightmare, especially for preserving the roots of the mature gingko tree. I really enjoy being in the finished garden.”

The client was a retired lady who had moved into an annex of her son’s house. She wanted to create an accessible outdoor space of her own where she could garden, relax and entertain friends, though she also wanted the space to connect visually to the garden of the main house.


The client was very knowledgeable about plants, but was unable to imagine what to do with the large pile of weed-infested soil and rubble that had been left behind after building work. It was important for the client to continue to participate in the life of the garden, even when she was unable to do all the maintenance herself.


During the project, the landscaper had to work around and protect the veteran gingko tree and its roots. The levels and foundations of the paths had to be carefully designed in order to accommodate the tree and ensure good accessibility for the elderly client and her friends.


The result was a harmonious and interesting garden with raised borders at a comfortable level to work in whilst sitting. The planting design provided a sense of seclusion and privacy for the client, while simultaneously fitting naturally into the larger garden. 

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