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Urban Retreat


“I love my garden and how it’s doing. The grasses are great, the climbers and wisteria are flourishing, the roses are strong and smell sweet, the verbena is a great height, the salvia keeps giving and the hydrangeas are happy. And I’m thrilled watching and getting to know the new world!”

Having recently bought his house and refurbished the inside, the client wanted to create a relaxing and atmospheric garden in which to escape from his busy working life.


It was important to the client that his existing garden furniture and sculptures were incorporated into the design. He also wanted to include a storage shed, two existing cloud pruned evergreen shrubs, two seating areas and to reconfigure the paving materials already in the garden – all within a relatively small space.


The garden was a small but sunny spot with the bonus of attractive neighbouring vegetation that offered a ‘borrowed view.’ The new shed and fence were painted black to visually recede from sight, and a mirrored false window in the shed was carefully designed to reflect back the planting. This added to the sense of space and the blurring of boundaries. 


I created a design that incorporated a wide variety of foliage form, colour and scents into the planting. This allowed the client to enjoy different perspectives from the two seating areas.

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