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Contemporary Outdoor Living


“Having made do with a poor quality patio for 14 years, we turned to Alexandra to turn the area into an attractive terrace. We wanted it to be more functional and enhance the appearance of the house and garden. Alex met and exceeded the brief, not only with the design but also with the planting programme and her advice on materials and  sourcing. We are thrilled with the finished product. The terrace is now a much-used area of the garden and a major feature.”

The clients had a large garden with river valley views, but there was a large north-facing terrace that didn’t get much use. They wanted to transform the space to make it more liveable and inviting.


The terrace was a challenging space to reimagine thanks to the expanse of paving and the adjacent steep slopes. My design introduced a rill along with different sizes and patterns of hard landscaping material that worked on two levels, each with a different character. I also added a sweeping retaining wall to support deep borders and lessen the impact of the slope. A feature flight of steps provided a comfortable link to the rest of the garden. The client’s existing stone water feature became the centre point of the lower, more contemplative terrace, which sat outside the home office.


The main transformation, of course, was thanks to the rich planting, which was initially supported by a watering system. The colourful selection of plants softened the feel of the space, added detail and brought real atmosphere. 


What was once a neglected terrace was turned into a space with rich visual interest that connected perfectly with the wider garden and landscape around it. Since then, a glazed oak pergola has been added for extra versatility.

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