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The purpose of Alexandra Gray Garden Design is simple: to guide you through the process of creating your ideal outdoor space. For some, this might mean offering a one-off consultancy visit or creating a design for a new border. For others, it might mean supporting them through an entire design and build process.


Services include:

Plant and garden consultancy

Concept and masterplan design

Border redesign

Planting plans

Garden care training

Producing construction documentation (including scope of works, bill of
quantities, detail drawings, setting out and drainage plans, and specifications)


Lighting plans

Commissioning specialist services (including surveyors, structural engineers, water specialists and craftspeople) 

Managing the tender process

Liaising with landscapers & other professionals

Sourcing materials (including plants, furniture, pots, paving and features)

Planting and setting out of plants

Maintenance schedules

Ongoing visits and advice


My priority is to create gardens that keep on giving, from season to season, year to year. I’ll set out to realise the full potential of your space, while ensuring it reflects you and your style. 


I also believe in the importance of working in a way that’s environmentally responsible. This includes working towards sustainability, reducing waste, recycling, being water wise and sourcing plants and materials locally wherever possible.


Gardens are meant to grow and change over time. Clients often choose to work with me on a continuing basis to ensure their gardens receive the ongoing attention they need to keep looking good.

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