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The Design Process

Each garden is unique and no two projects will follow exactly the same process. Here, you will find an overview of the stages that are typically involved in a full redesign and build. 


Step one: initial meeting and consultancy


It’s important for a garden designer to get a real feel for the space in person. Following an initial telephone conversation, I’ll visit the site, listen to your vision for your garden and find out more about you and your budget, after which you’ll receive a quotation. The cost will vary depending on the type and scope of the project, but as a guide you may want to consider that a full garden transformation typically costs between 5–15% of the value of your property.


For consultancy clients, I offer personalised advice and/or training, which will be followed up with a written report.

Buckley masterplan.jpg

Step two: design


Based on site visits, your requirements, an analysis of the space and a topographical survey (commissioned from a specialist professional), I’ll develop a design for your garden. This will be done using a combination of CAD software, photographs and hand-drawing techniques to produce plans, visualisations and mood boards. The design will develop from a basic concept to an outline masterplan, and you’ll be able to offer feedback at each stage. 

Waldron planting plan22:2:21 RHD.jpg

Step three: planting plans


Planting plans are more detailed designs that set out the arrangement of plants, including botanical names and quantities. Your plan will include an illustrated list of the plants and a plant schedule with spacing and pot sizes for plant sourcing. This can be provided as a service in itself, or as part of a larger process.

Step four: construction documentation & tender


If you’re using landscapers to bring the plans to life, I’ll help manage the process by creating the necessary construction documentation and putting it out to tender to invite recommended landscape contractors to bid for the work. If the landscaper has already been chosen, my role will be to provide detail drawings and specifications and liaise directly with everyone involved.


Step five: construction & planting


You can expect me to communicate with the construction team throughout the build and to be on hand to help with any questions or alterations that arise. Some contractors offer soft landscaping services and will source plants themselves. If not, I can manage this process. Whatever the situation, I like to be involved with setting out the plants in order to ensure the scheme looks its best. 


Step six: after care


It’s fair to say that a garden is never truly ‘finished.’ All clients are provided with after care instructions and I can create a more detailed maintenance schedule if required. Regular check ups and reviews can also be offered to ensure your garden stays looking its best.

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